Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Swimming at the BIG pool!!!!

I LOVE to take pictures of the kids swimming. I will probably take about 1000 before the sumer is over. They are always smiling in the pool! Makes it easier to get a good picture. Today we took the kids to the city pool. The kids call it the "Big Pool." They had a blast!!!! They weren't scared at all this year. I was walking around taking pictures of each of them and a lifeguard actually told me that I had to stop taking pictures!!!! Yikes!!! What nerve!!!! Me? Stop taking pictures?!!! Ha ha!!!! So here on the contraband pictures....

Kyler got to play with Kade, his friend from piano. Kade happened to be at the pool with his daycare. It was cute to watch them wrestle and play like boys!

And here are all four of my babies in their matching swim suits...

Kyler looks scared but he is actually freezing cold. I made him stop for a photo before giving him a towel. Kinda mean, huh?

Don't you just love the cute way that Laynee scrunches her nose when she smiles?!!!

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