Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Danika and Makenzie!

Today my twins turn 4!!! Wow!!!! They are so very excited. They are all dressed up as their favorite princesses and we are heading over to Disneyland where they will get their hair done. Then we are going to a character breakfast with princesses! So fun!!!

We are having a blast in Disney. I wish I could show you the pictures : ( Scott's computer doesn't have my camera software so I can't upload them. But trust me, you will be seeing tons of pics when I get home!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We're going on a trip!!!

We are leaving for California in the morning!!!! "Just one more sleep," the kids keep saying!!! Everyone is so excited! We are bringing the laptop and I am going to do my very best to upload some pics and stories from our travels. (It will help me to scrapbook the trip when I get home!) So keep checking in!!! Disney, here we come!

New Hair Cut and Color

I went and got my hair cut and colored yesterday. It turned out a bit blonder than usual. It's taking me a bit to get used to it. But Scott and one of my friends who came over this morning both like it.
Gosh I have getting my picture taken!!! I am so used to being behind the camera!

Splash Pad Fun

Scott and I took the kids to the Splash Pad at the San Tan Village Mall. I wasn't going to post pics....but then I saw them as I was going throu pictures. And they are CUTE!!!! Laynee was especially cooperative about getting her pics taken!

I swear there is nothing sweeter than a happy kid in a bright swim suit!!! It's my favorite thing about summer. Hmmm.....I see a scrapbook layout coming!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Artist in Training

Since I started keeping the kids home with me my favorite thing to do with them is crafts!!! They get so excited every time! Our house is always decorated in their projects! So I had to scrap it! And I am LOVING this layout!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun with Six Kids

On Tuesday, I had a couple of extra kiddos. Some friends had a family illness and so I watched their kids so they could deal with that. Scott was sleeping. So it was just me and 6 kids. I decided that the best way to get through the day was to keep them busy!!! First we did a craft. It was a rainy day so they cut clouds out of cardstock and then painted raindrops that we attached with ribbon. The kids loved the paint!

After some play time, I did something a little crazy. (Crazier than painting.) I loaded them all up and took them to McDonalds for lunch and play! It really went well until it was time to gather them to leave and get everyone's shoes on. I kept loosing kids! People around me were amuzed. On the way home, we stopped and rented the movie, Bolt. I put beand bags and pillows on the livingroom floor and gave them juice and popcorn. I napped with one eye open on the couch. This is a skill I have mastered since having kids!

After the movie, it was Play Doh time!!! Crazy huh?! Oh well! They had fun!

Dinner was a bit chaotic. But otherwise the day went fairly well! But none, the less, I don't think I want 6 kids!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Scrapping My B-Day

I already have a couple layouts for the album from my birthday!!! I just love being so caught up on my scrapbooking that I am making layouts with pics taken 2 days ago!

More Birthday Fun and Lots of Brady!

Here are some pics from the family bday gathering yesterday.....

Makenzie was so in love with Brady. I was waiting for my turn to hold him and Kenzie cut me!!! She asked Tashana in her sweetest voice "May I please hold him?" So cute!
And then it was my turn!

The big kids eating dinner at the picnic table...

Scott and I made this plate a couple of years ago. Whenever someone in our family is celebrating a special occasion or accomplishment, they get to eat off of this plate.

Me and all the big kids. Brady was taking a nap : (

Scott made a pound cake for us to have strawberry shortcake. And I did not turn 271 years old! I am 27 plus 1!

Yay! Brady is up and ready to party with me!!!!

Bryan and his boy.....

Scott finally got a chance to hold Brady!!!

And Brady spit up on him! Ha ha

Present time! How cool am I going to be in Disney with those flip flops?!

The big kids playing rough....

Just check out what my girls did to Brady!!!! He has a pink pillow, doll blankets and a doll hat!!! Ha ha

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Birthday!!!!

Yesterday was my 28th birthday!!! When it comes to birthdays, I am like a kid! I love them!!! I count down the days and drive Scott nuts asking what he got me for my birthday : ) But he is getting used to it! Yesterday was so much fun! First, Scott and the kids made me breakfast in bed. And they all gave me handmade cards! And I was super excited when Scott gave me tickets to the Brad Paisley/Dierks Bentley concert!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!!

A littl later we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant to have some lunch together. Here are some pics Scott took as we were leaving....

And at the restaurant.....

Scott and the kids made me a cake. They were very proud!

And they were trick candles...

I love how Kyler licks every last crumb off of his plate.....

Later we dropped the kids off with Scott's parents and went to dinner with friends, Michael and Milla. We went to my very favorite restaurant, Oreganos....

The best part about Oreganos is the dessert!!!! Yum!!! They gave me 4 spoons. Don't know why ; )

Scott and I outside the restaurant....

After dinner, we met serveral of my friends at a Piano Bar on Mill avenue. Here is Candy and her husband, David...

My friends thought it would be fun to embarress me, so they told the piano players that it was my birthday. They made me come on stage. Then they sang a song that was very funny but too innapropriate to include on my family blog ; ) Then Happy birthday. Very fun! The rest of the night, every stranger in the place was wishing me a happy birthday. Love it!!! : )
And I know that it looks like I am naked in this picture....but I swear I wasn't!

They gave me some stickers when I was onstage. This is Sara and Vicki showing them off! (I later stuck one of the stickers to Scott's back and he did the same to me. )

Michael drinking beer that was way too thick in between his singing and dancing.

Me and my baby.......

Michael and Milla........

They win the prize for drinking the most. get a hang over! Ha ha
I had lots and lots of fun celebrating with both my family and my friends!!!! Thanks everyone. Now I have to go get ready for a birthday celebration with my parents, Bryan, Tashana, Lexi and Brady. I am glad they are all coming, but I am super excited to see Brady. It has been almost 3 months!