Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Painting the Dog House

The main task for today was to paint the dog house that Scott and the kids built over the weekend. So Scott took the kids to Home Depot to pick a color. We talked about red or brown. Boy was I suprised when the kids came running in screaming "We got pink paint!!!!" PINK!!!! Yikes!!! But it was 75% off and Scott cannot pass up a deal!!! I let Scott pick their painting clothes...Aren't they funny??!!!!

So when they ran out of paint they each had to take a bath. Scott spent 15 minutes scrubbing each kid. They were still COVERED in pink paint!!! I had to come it out of their hair and scrape it off their skin! What fun!!!! I will show you pictures of the finished project tomorrow. Tomorrow is the dogs birthday and that is when the kids are going to give the house to them. Right now it is still a big secret! SShhhhhhhh!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Meeting the Easter Bunny

We went to the mall to see the Easter bunny today.....

Laynee was petrified!!! She clung to my mom and screamed bloody murder.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A House for Candee and Cooper

The other night on TV they had this little segment where the dad and the kids built a dog house. As soon as Scott and the kids saw that- they wanted to do it too!!! So Scott dis research on the internet (weird, huh?) and used a computer program to design a dog house. This morning he took the kids (minus Kenzie because she is with my parents) to Home Depot. And then they started the building process...

The kids had a blast. Especially, Kyler. He is this stage where he wants to fix everything and carries toy tools everywhere he goes. I once found a toy hammer down his underwear when I was putting him to bed : )
And guess what? Our doggies are celebrating their first brithday on Wednesday. ANd the house is their gift. The kids are keeping it a secret from them! Funny, huh?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bowling and Dinosaurs

Today we took the kids bowling. It was their first time. It was interesting!!! It took an hour and a half and we didn't even finish one game! Ha!!! There were times when I thought we were going to have to blow the ball down the alley!

I think that Kenzie liked the bowling the best. She would always dance after she threw the ball. It was cute.

The biggest attraction of all was the ball return.

Our craft today was a dinosaur puppet....

I am exhausted! And it is only 3:30!!! Good thing I planned on having pizza today. I must have known that I wouldn't have the energy to cook!!!! I think that I will be in bed right after the American Idol results show!!! And another big day tomorrow...... Always an adventure around here!

Making Necklaces!

Every day, I do a different craft with the kids. I have to admit that this has become my favorite part about staying home with the kids. It makes them so happy!!!! And my house is decorated in preschool crafts!!!! Love it! Yesterday- while Kyler was in school- the girls and I made nacklaces. The "beads" came in different shapes and colors and it was fun to watch the girls design their masterpieces!

Kenzie decided to make her necklace using only circles.

Laynee decided to mix it up! And she wanted it to be very colorful!

Danika's necklace is all hearts.
So we worked on shapes and colors while making our craft! Now what wil we make today.....

Almost forgot....I made a nacklace too and Scott snapped a pic when he got home. I wore it when I went to get Kyler. I am sure his teachers thought I was nuts. And probably the friend I ran into at the mailbox and the lady who gave me my coke at Sonic too. Oh well!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rockin' Robin'!! Tweet! Tweet!

I have had that song in my head all afternoon!!! We made bird feeds as our craft today!!! They covered a toilet paper roll in peanutbutter and then rolled it through bird seed.

And here they are on the front of our house. The neighbors are probably wondering what the heck is going on over here!

Then the kids did a little bike riding...

And I made them a fun treat with the peanutbutter. I put it on apple slices and then added some fun sprinkles. The kids liked!!!

And since it has been so nice outside (which is why we spent an hour at the park today after library time) the kids ate their snack outside...

Now the kids are cranky. And the hubby too. And I just keep singing!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

C is for Cookie

The Sesame Street song that always got stuck in my head... "C is for Cookie. And that's all right with me." Sung by Cookie Monstor! So of course we had to sing the song as we baked cookies today! It was educational!

The only time that I ever bake cookies from scratch is at Christmas. But I had this thought that it would be fun to show the girls how to make cookies. And it was!!! They were patient and there was NO fighting or whining. It was a victory!!!

And the final product.....

MMmmmmm. My tummy is growling as I look at the picture!!!
This morning I woke up at like 4 am with a killer migraine. The kind where it hurts to even open an eye. I stayed in bed until noon! Scott was at school for a couple hours- but the girls just watched cartoons and played dress up and barbies with each other. I was amazed!!! They were actually fairly quiet and got along pretty well. Then Scott came home early from school (thank you!!!) and took them to the park for an hour. It took me almost that entire hour to clean the toys up that they had taken out! They have way too many toys!!!! Even though I ddin't feel all that well, the day still turned out to be fun!!!
Kyler had his piano lesson tonight and I was amazed at how well he played his solo. He is doing a really good job at reading his music and switching from one note to another! I think that piano is more his thing than baseball!
Time for bed! More adventures tomorrow....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Swimming

The kids spent a good portion of the day in the swimming pool again. It was 90 degrees AGAIN!!!I promised the kids that I woulkd get my swim suit on and get in with them. But as soon as I put my feet in the water- I whimped!!! It was sooo cold!!! So I got a swim suit on for no good reason!!! And I even posting pics of it on my blog. Yikes!!!

They were sitting together and as soon as the camera came out, Kyler put his arm around Danika and posed. So programmed!

And of course, what would a hot day be without a popcicle?

The kids are heading to bed now!!!! But tomorrow will come quickly and we will be on to our next adventure! And I have no idea what that will be! I told Scott that since I plan activities for the kids Monday-Friday, he needed to plan the weekends. Well, he is not a planner. He is a fly by the seat of his pants, kind of guy. I have next week's schedule written out on the fridge. And the space for Saturday and Sunday, are blank! Oh well. We will be suprised!!!

First Day of Spring

To celebrate the 1st Day of Spring, the kiddos got to go pick out flowers and plant them in the pots they had painted. Kyler wanted Marigolds (and he even asked for them by name! So tv can teach!!!) and so the girls just followed suit and got the same flowers.

There is no pic of Laynee because she was busy throwing a tantrum at the time!!!!! Laynee and Danika were very "special" yesterday. I got a shoe thrown at me while driving, was spit at, kicked in the face, and had endured a few dozen tantrums by the time I had gotten home from MOPS yesterday. And so I threw a tantrum : ) I think that I deserved it!!!! Did you also notice that the twins were not wearing matching dresses?!!! Yikes!!! Danika was with Mammy and I dressed the other 2 at home. I don't let that mismatching happen often!!!
Ok I am off to edit some more swimming pictures. I will post them very soon!