Monday, March 2, 2009

A day with our girls

Kyler went to stay with Pa and Aunt Kathy this past weekend. He went swimming, to a parade, did some gardening, went to church, and out to eat. I am told that he was an angel. I believe it!!!

On Saturday, Scott and I spent the whole day having fun with the girls! First we painted their finger and toe nails. Then I gave them cute pigtails and they modeled for some pics.

I am not sure- but I think they may have frenched!
Then we went and bought new shoes. They are so girly- they loved buying shoes. They also got to help us pick out their new "big girl" car seats.
Then we went to the learning store where they were having a birthday party for Dr. Suess! The kids did crafts, had story time, and got their faces painted!

After that, we headed to the park for a little play!

Then we went home and crashed. We were so tired!!!!

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