Saturday, March 28, 2009

A House for Candee and Cooper

The other night on TV they had this little segment where the dad and the kids built a dog house. As soon as Scott and the kids saw that- they wanted to do it too!!! So Scott dis research on the internet (weird, huh?) and used a computer program to design a dog house. This morning he took the kids (minus Kenzie because she is with my parents) to Home Depot. And then they started the building process...

The kids had a blast. Especially, Kyler. He is this stage where he wants to fix everything and carries toy tools everywhere he goes. I once found a toy hammer down his underwear when I was putting him to bed : )
And guess what? Our doggies are celebrating their first brithday on Wednesday. ANd the house is their gift. The kids are keeping it a secret from them! Funny, huh?

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Anonymous said...

How is the dog house coming? I can't believe that Scott took this one on. Love you guys
Aunt Kathy