Thursday, March 26, 2009

Making Necklaces!

Every day, I do a different craft with the kids. I have to admit that this has become my favorite part about staying home with the kids. It makes them so happy!!!! And my house is decorated in preschool crafts!!!! Love it! Yesterday- while Kyler was in school- the girls and I made nacklaces. The "beads" came in different shapes and colors and it was fun to watch the girls design their masterpieces!

Kenzie decided to make her necklace using only circles.

Laynee decided to mix it up! And she wanted it to be very colorful!

Danika's necklace is all hearts.
So we worked on shapes and colors while making our craft! Now what wil we make today.....

Almost forgot....I made a nacklace too and Scott snapped a pic when he got home. I wore it when I went to get Kyler. I am sure his teachers thought I was nuts. And probably the friend I ran into at the mailbox and the lady who gave me my coke at Sonic too. Oh well!!!!

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