Thursday, March 19, 2009

Butterflies and Candy Land

Yesterday Danika was at Mammy's house and Kyler was at school. Laynee and Makenzie were the only kids home!!! First thing, we all went and got hair cuts. The girls were in their glory! After naps, we did a fun butterfly craft. They each painted a butterfly and then used a carrot to add polka dots in a second color. Then we added pipe cleaner for the antena. They turned out really cute and I have to remember to get a picture of the finished project now that they are dry. Here are my artists...

Then last night while I was making dinner, Scott taught Laynee and Makenzie how to play Candy Land. Kenzue won the first game and Laynee won the second game. Kyler was not happy about this!!!

We have another busy day today! First we are taking the kids to the library for some new books. Then Kyler is going to go to the last day of baseball camp (although I don't think he will stay the entire 2 hours). After lunch, we are going to do our craft for the day. I got some little flower pots for them to paint. Tomorrow is the 1st day of Spring and so we are going to celebrate by planting some flowers! After craft time, Kyler and Kenzie are going to a playdate and Laynee is stying with Scott for a nap. Fun stuff!!!! Lots more pics tomorrow!
And we sure are missing our Danika!!! She went home with my mom on Tuesday and we won't get her back until tomorrow. But she is having fun! Yesterday she shopped with Mammy!

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Bama Girl in AZ said...

I am so proud of all your crafting!