Monday, March 16, 2009

St Patty's Day Crafts

We had such a nice weekend and yet, you will not believe this, but I only took 30 pictures!!!! Yikes!!!! On Saturday, I spent the day with a friend I had not seen in ages. We talked, had lunch, and did a little shopping. Scott had all the kids and they went to the park, road bikes, put some flowers in the front yeard and got ice cream. And can you believe that he didn't take a single picture on the camera?!!!

Yesterday the kids played more outside since the weather has been amazing!!!! I even pulled out the sidewalk chalk which was a huge hit. Then we headed inside to do a fun St. Patty's day craft!

Can you tell that Laynee has gotten a little bit of sun this weekend?!
Here is the finished projects.....

Aren't they adorable??? They are hung in age order with Kyler on the left and Laynee on the right.
Today Kyler is at school for the morning. I already ran on the treadmill and did toddle aerobics with the girls. Now they are busy coloring some St. Patty's day coloring sheets that I found online. Pretty soon we will go pick Kyler up from school and head to Tucson to see the dbacks play in a Spring traing game!!!!
So far the stay at home mom thing is going well!!! I hope I don't wear myself out in the first week!

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Bama Girl in AZ said...

very cute crafts! Sounds like an exciting day!