Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Painting the Dog House

The main task for today was to paint the dog house that Scott and the kids built over the weekend. So Scott took the kids to Home Depot to pick a color. We talked about red or brown. Boy was I suprised when the kids came running in screaming "We got pink paint!!!!" PINK!!!! Yikes!!! But it was 75% off and Scott cannot pass up a deal!!! I let Scott pick their painting clothes...Aren't they funny??!!!!

So when they ran out of paint they each had to take a bath. Scott spent 15 minutes scrubbing each kid. They were still COVERED in pink paint!!! I had to come it out of their hair and scrape it off their skin! What fun!!!! I will show you pictures of the finished project tomorrow. Tomorrow is the dogs birthday and that is when the kids are going to give the house to them. Right now it is still a big secret! SShhhhhhhh!!!!

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