Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Training

I am so exhausted!!!! I hope I don't burn out during my first week with all the kids home! Here are a couple of pics that I got as we were leaving to get Kyler and go to Tucson for the baseball game...I just love the goofy faces that Laynee makes for the camera!
And here is Kyler......

He is going to a Parks and Rec Baseball camp starting tomorrow!!!!

Now here is a pic of me that Kyler took all by himself. He was proud!!! And at least I can prove that I was there too!

The kids eating cookies that had frosting on them. Bad idea. It melted!!!

The kids didn't reslly sit still much but we were in a great spot in the bleachers that allowed them to roam a bit. They told us that they had lots of fun! That makes Scott and I so happy!
We have big plans for St. Patty's Day!!! (Shhhhhh.....but there are green hand prints all over the house!!!!!)

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