Friday, June 25, 2010

Father's Day

We had a great time celebrating Father's Day with Scott. We had strawberry pancakes, opened gifts, went and saw Toy Story 3 in 3D, had dinner at Olive Garden, and then made smores in the backyard. Here are a few pics from our day....

Update on Kyler: It has been a week since his surgery and he is doing great! He gets his stitches out on Monday!

Friday, June 18, 2010

June 17th- The LONGEST day EVER!!!!

The Sears family has had a VERY long and busy week!!! But yesterday was the longest! Kyler had his surgery early yesterday morning. He was so brave! Here he is in pre op with a great big smile on his face....The surgery took about an hour and then Scott and I got to go back and be with him in recovery. I was amazed with how well he did!!!! He NEVER complained about it hurting! Here he is when he was getting ready to be discharged......

Then last night Makenzie had her first dance recital. She was so darn cute!!!! And she did so well. No stage fright for her!!!

So we got the got up at 4 am and went to bed at 11. It was exausting and emotional! And it didn't help that I was sick! :(
So today is a day of recovery. Kyler is doing amazing. I am enjoying spending some quiet time with him.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Kiddie Cheer Camp

So all week, I have been driving the girls down to Casa Grande for a summer cheer camp. They had such a good time!!! They were in the youngest age group, but they still worked hard to get the cheers and dances. I was proud. Makenzie was especially in her element! They had to wear blue and gold each day to show spirit....Heather made them pom poms for their shoes and those cute bows on their tanks. I made them the hair bows and painted their nails blue. Then on the last day, I painted cougar paw prints on their faces. I think they are cute!

So now they won't stop singing "All my life I've wanted to be a cheerleader!!! I had to work! Work!" So cute!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Look Out Queen Creek!!!! Krazy Coupon Lady strikes again!!!!

I spent almost the entire day shopping!!!! I LOVE it!!! The kids....well not so much!!!! lol

I decided to blog about my shopping, because I get asked so many questions about it on Facebook.

First, I went to CVS. I LOVE that store!!!!! If you are new to couponing, you NEED to check out CVS!!! Get an extra care card and have it scanned everytime you buy anything!!! Plus they have a little machine you can scan your card at once each day and it gives you a coupon! They can be very good coupons!!!! But CVS always has stuff that is free!!!! Today I bought 2 Coppertone sunblock spays, 6 degree deoderants, a John Frieda Shampoo and a John Frieda Conditioner. I paid a total of $9 for all this. But get this------they gave me back $18!!!!! SCORE!!!!!

Coppetone: $10.50 each. Buy 2 and get $10 in Extra Care Bucks (ECB). Use 2 $1 off coupons from online. Plus I had a $5 off a CVS purchase of $15. This made each sunblock $2!!!

Degree Deoderant: On sale for $2.50. Buy 6 and get $5 in ECB. Use 3 of the $3 off 2 deoderants coupons printed online.

John Frieda: On sale for $5 each. Buy 2 and get $3 in ECB. Use 2 of the $3 off John Frieda product coupon from the Sunday paper. Makes it .50 each!!!

On top of all of that I had a $5 off any $25 CVS purchase coupon!!!!

Next I went to Walgreens where I got 6 Reach toothbrushes for FREE!!!! They were on sale for .99 and you can print coupons online for $2 off 2. I would have gotten more, but they ran out!!!

Next it was on to Safeway! I had my basket over flowing!!!! Here is everything that I got....

My subtotal came to $200. But after coupons, I only paid $69!!!!! I got all 8 of those boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheeses for FREE! I got 3 boxes of Cheerios for FREE!!!! I also got brownie mixes and crescent rolls for FREE!!!! So many deals!!!! You HAVE to shop at Safeway this week! The Buy8, Save $4 deal, paired with double coupons is too good to pass up!!!!
Here is a list of everything I got for $69:
10 boxes of cereal
1 bag of tortilla chips
2 things of philsburry cinnamon rolls
3 things of crescent rolls
2 of the 8 cup bags of shredded cheese
2 boxes of stick margerain
1 tub of margerain
2 boxes of go gurt
89 oz jug of Tropicana OJ
Fruit by the Foot
Gruit Gushers
2 Suave Body washes
2 things of Lyson disinfecting wipes
48 oz jub of vegtable oil
2 boxes of popcorn
1 box of perogies
2 boxes of capris sun juice boxes
9 boxes of Hamburger Helper
6 boxes of brownie mix
8 Kraft Mac and Cheese
3 cans of refried beans
2 jars of Ragu pasta sauce
Jar of apple sauce
2 packages of Mexican rice
Gas-X 24 tablets
2 soft soaps
1 box of granolla bars
12 oz bag of M&Ms
2 packages of chocolate chip cookie dough
1 tub of sour cream

Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

We had a BBQ at the new house on Memorial Day with some friends and family!!! It was fun to swim, eat and show off our new home!!!

So if you look at our picture on my blog banner, you will see our picture from last Memorial Day. Same clothes!!!! lol!!!! But we did add Chance to the picture!
Here are the kids at our community pool in their red, white, and blue swim suits!

We have been going to the pool just about every day! I have the tan to proove it. I think it might be the kids favorite part of our new house!!!!

Catching Up!

I have been the WORST blogger!!! But if you follow me on Facebook then you know that the Sears Family has a had a CRAZY busy month!!!!

Since I am so far behind, I am just going to do a quick review of the last month starting at the begining of May. Danika and Kyler had their last piano recital for the year. It was super cute, as always!!!! We love their teacher, Miss Cindy. After much debate, we decided that next year, I will just drive Kyler down to CG for piano lessons with Miss Cindy. She is worth it!!!! Danika, on the other hand, has decided she would like to try dance class next year instead of piano. She had fun and learned a lot, but she wants to see what Makenzie has been up to all year!

I spent Mother's Day with my 5 favorite people. They made me breakfast in bed and took me to Oreganos for lunch. MMMMmmmm!!!! Plus we did some shopping. I FINALLY got a patio table for the backyard!!!!

It was about this point in May that I started the huge task of packing our house. It really wasn't as bad as I thought since I am pretty organized and neat! But we needed a little packing break and so we took the kids to Tempe Beach Park for some spash pad fun!

I still can't believe that my little guy is all done with Kindergarten. It went so fast!!! The end of the school year was filled with lots of activities and performances! His music class did a concert that was adorable!!!! Then the Kindergarten class had a presentation of awards and a show. IT was soooooo CUTE!!!!!! They started the program singing Do Wa Ditty and ended it with a can can dance. Loved it!!!!! And got it on video!

After the program, Kyker was so happy to get to say goodbye to his teacher, Mrs. Rivera. She had unexpectantly gone out on maternity leave the week before but came to the performace to say goodbye. Kyler LOVED her!!!! She treated those kids like they were her own.

Another end-of-year festivity for Kyler, was water day! The girls and I surprised him and showed up to watch!

And then, his very last day of Kindergarten......

His last day of Kindergarten was also our moving day...

I am a super sensitive person, so this was such an emotional day for me!!!!
I could not be more proud of the accomplishments that Kyler made in Kindergarten. He had a terrible preschool experience. The teachers didn't like him and he knew it. He learned almost nothing. And he began to really dislike school. I am very nervous about his Kindergarten year because I wanted him to have a better experience. I needed him to have a teacher who wouldn't give up on him as soon as she found out about his ADHD. Well I got all that, and so much more!!!! From the start of the year, Mrs. Rivera raved about Kyler's good behavior. He also made friends quickly with everyone in his class. Mrs. Rivera said that they girls loved him and would fight over who got to sit next to him. Most importantly, Kyler LOVED school. H e wasn't counting down the days until summer break. In fact, he was very sad about having to say goodbye to his teacher and his friends (especially Emmi and Brooklyn!). He is already looking foward to 1st grade!

Saying goodbye to my home was so sad!!!! I LOVE that house! It is the house I brought my babies home too and watched them grow. We shared a lot of holidays, family time, cuddles, dinner, and parties in that house. Every room has so many happy memories!

We are pretty settled in our new house. It still doesn't quite feel like home though. The walls are white end empty!!! But the house is gorgeous and we are loving the space. I will post pics of the new house soon.
Other stuff:
I don't know where rhe kids are going to go to school next year. The elementary school in our neighborhood left much to be desired. We checked out some school out of district and charters. They are on waiting list. So we are in limbo. I hate that feeling!!!
Last night Scott and I attended his GAPP graduation. GAPP is his new nurse graduate training program at work. It was a four month training and we are so excited that after his shift tomorrow, he will be an official RN on the floor!
I am super happy to be on summer break!!! Going to school full time is a lot to handle with all the kids at home and Scott working strange shifts!!! I did get straight A's! I only have 2 classes left and my student teaching but due to some paper work issues, they will not let me start my student teaching until January (I was supposed to do it in October and graduate in December). Oh well. Laynee will still be home a lot next year so I will enjoy the chance to stay home for one more year. But I have to admit that I had a great time doing some teaching in my mentor teacher's classroom this past semester. I think I will love the job! I take my American Government AEPA tomorrow. I am sooo nervous! I hate test taking!!!!
Kyler is going to be having his surgery on Junen 17th. I hate to think about him hurting, but I know in my heart that we will be giving him a great gift- the chance to hear!!!! Prayers would be appreciated!!!
Well that pretty much catches me up!!! If you are still reading this, then you must love us!!! lol