Sunday, June 6, 2010

Look Out Queen Creek!!!! Krazy Coupon Lady strikes again!!!!

I spent almost the entire day shopping!!!! I LOVE it!!! The kids....well not so much!!!! lol

I decided to blog about my shopping, because I get asked so many questions about it on Facebook.

First, I went to CVS. I LOVE that store!!!!! If you are new to couponing, you NEED to check out CVS!!! Get an extra care card and have it scanned everytime you buy anything!!! Plus they have a little machine you can scan your card at once each day and it gives you a coupon! They can be very good coupons!!!! But CVS always has stuff that is free!!!! Today I bought 2 Coppertone sunblock spays, 6 degree deoderants, a John Frieda Shampoo and a John Frieda Conditioner. I paid a total of $9 for all this. But get this------they gave me back $18!!!!! SCORE!!!!!

Coppetone: $10.50 each. Buy 2 and get $10 in Extra Care Bucks (ECB). Use 2 $1 off coupons from online. Plus I had a $5 off a CVS purchase of $15. This made each sunblock $2!!!

Degree Deoderant: On sale for $2.50. Buy 6 and get $5 in ECB. Use 3 of the $3 off 2 deoderants coupons printed online.

John Frieda: On sale for $5 each. Buy 2 and get $3 in ECB. Use 2 of the $3 off John Frieda product coupon from the Sunday paper. Makes it .50 each!!!

On top of all of that I had a $5 off any $25 CVS purchase coupon!!!!

Next I went to Walgreens where I got 6 Reach toothbrushes for FREE!!!! They were on sale for .99 and you can print coupons online for $2 off 2. I would have gotten more, but they ran out!!!

Next it was on to Safeway! I had my basket over flowing!!!! Here is everything that I got....

My subtotal came to $200. But after coupons, I only paid $69!!!!! I got all 8 of those boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheeses for FREE! I got 3 boxes of Cheerios for FREE!!!! I also got brownie mixes and crescent rolls for FREE!!!! So many deals!!!! You HAVE to shop at Safeway this week! The Buy8, Save $4 deal, paired with double coupons is too good to pass up!!!!
Here is a list of everything I got for $69:
10 boxes of cereal
1 bag of tortilla chips
2 things of philsburry cinnamon rolls
3 things of crescent rolls
2 of the 8 cup bags of shredded cheese
2 boxes of stick margerain
1 tub of margerain
2 boxes of go gurt
89 oz jug of Tropicana OJ
Fruit by the Foot
Gruit Gushers
2 Suave Body washes
2 things of Lyson disinfecting wipes
48 oz jub of vegtable oil
2 boxes of popcorn
1 box of perogies
2 boxes of capris sun juice boxes
9 boxes of Hamburger Helper
6 boxes of brownie mix
8 Kraft Mac and Cheese
3 cans of refried beans
2 jars of Ragu pasta sauce
Jar of apple sauce
2 packages of Mexican rice
Gas-X 24 tablets
2 soft soaps
1 box of granolla bars
12 oz bag of M&Ms
2 packages of chocolate chip cookie dough
1 tub of sour cream

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