Monday, March 23, 2009

C is for Cookie

The Sesame Street song that always got stuck in my head... "C is for Cookie. And that's all right with me." Sung by Cookie Monstor! So of course we had to sing the song as we baked cookies today! It was educational!

The only time that I ever bake cookies from scratch is at Christmas. But I had this thought that it would be fun to show the girls how to make cookies. And it was!!! They were patient and there was NO fighting or whining. It was a victory!!!

And the final product.....

MMmmmmm. My tummy is growling as I look at the picture!!!
This morning I woke up at like 4 am with a killer migraine. The kind where it hurts to even open an eye. I stayed in bed until noon! Scott was at school for a couple hours- but the girls just watched cartoons and played dress up and barbies with each other. I was amazed!!! They were actually fairly quiet and got along pretty well. Then Scott came home early from school (thank you!!!) and took them to the park for an hour. It took me almost that entire hour to clean the toys up that they had taken out! They have way too many toys!!!! Even though I ddin't feel all that well, the day still turned out to be fun!!!
Kyler had his piano lesson tonight and I was amazed at how well he played his solo. He is doing a really good job at reading his music and switching from one note to another! I think that piano is more his thing than baseball!
Time for bed! More adventures tomorrow....

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