Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Day of Spring

To celebrate the 1st Day of Spring, the kiddos got to go pick out flowers and plant them in the pots they had painted. Kyler wanted Marigolds (and he even asked for them by name! So tv can teach!!!) and so the girls just followed suit and got the same flowers.

There is no pic of Laynee because she was busy throwing a tantrum at the time!!!!! Laynee and Danika were very "special" yesterday. I got a shoe thrown at me while driving, was spit at, kicked in the face, and had endured a few dozen tantrums by the time I had gotten home from MOPS yesterday. And so I threw a tantrum : ) I think that I deserved it!!!! Did you also notice that the twins were not wearing matching dresses?!!! Yikes!!! Danika was with Mammy and I dressed the other 2 at home. I don't let that mismatching happen often!!!
Ok I am off to edit some more swimming pictures. I will post them very soon!

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Sheila said...

I like what mammy dressed Danika in - it is the dress that we gave the girl's for Christmas. :-)