Friday, July 3, 2009

Splish Slashing at the Zoo

On Wednesday, Scott and I took the kids down to Tucson to go to the zoo. Because of the rain, it was "only" 96 degrees that day. So this will be the last time the kids get to go to the zoo until October!!! (We have a membership and go often!)

It was still rather warm (and humid!) so we had the kids play in the water area to cool down. It turned out that all they wanted to do was play in the water!!!! We have sprinklers and a hose at home. Why is it so much more fun at the zoo?!

I was warm too. So I got in on the fun. Scott was a party pooper. : ( He said that he has a problem with getting wet. Whatever!!!!

Now we saw real turtles, but for reasons unknown to me, this fake one was more exciting!

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