Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Birthday Fun and Lots of Brady!

Here are some pics from the family bday gathering yesterday.....

Makenzie was so in love with Brady. I was waiting for my turn to hold him and Kenzie cut me!!! She asked Tashana in her sweetest voice "May I please hold him?" So cute!
And then it was my turn!

The big kids eating dinner at the picnic table...

Scott and I made this plate a couple of years ago. Whenever someone in our family is celebrating a special occasion or accomplishment, they get to eat off of this plate.

Me and all the big kids. Brady was taking a nap : (

Scott made a pound cake for us to have strawberry shortcake. And I did not turn 271 years old! I am 27 plus 1!

Yay! Brady is up and ready to party with me!!!!

Bryan and his boy.....

Scott finally got a chance to hold Brady!!!

And Brady spit up on him! Ha ha

Present time! How cool am I going to be in Disney with those flip flops?!

The big kids playing rough....

Just check out what my girls did to Brady!!!! He has a pink pillow, doll blankets and a doll hat!!! Ha ha

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