Friday, March 5, 2010

More updates on ears.....

Kyler had another audiologist appointment this past week. Through all of this teasting we have found that Kyler has profound hearing loss in his right ear. Additionally, any sound that he can hear on that side is muffled and sounds more like static. A hearing aid can only make sound louder. It can't make it clearer. So if we gave Kyler a hearing aid, it would just be like turning up the static. Not a good idea. The only thing that can help Kyler is a device called a Baja. A screw is surgically placed in Kyler's skull and then this device attaches to that screw. The device will make it so that all sound will go through Kyler's good ear and none through the bad ear. It is amazing technology. But it is so sad how it is attached!!! I hate the idea of my baby having screw put in his head!!!! But, Scott and I know that it will be so amazing for Kyler to finally hear things and to be able to hear them clearly. So we are going foward with the procedure. If insurance works with us, that is!!!

Also, this week I took Makenzie and Laynee for Child Find screenings this week. These screenings check to see if the child is at an age appropriate level of learning and if they need any special education programs. Both girls had a couple delays. Most notably, both girls had speech delays. Especially, Laynee. This did not come as a surprise for us, but it is still sad to hear and to see the words written on paper. But the good news is that both girls will be getting the help they need through the school district. I am not sure what that will be yet, as we still have to go through one more evaluation.

The Child Find specialist also suggested that both girls be seen by an audiologist. Oh man! Our insurance would not let us bring them to Kyler's audiologist. So I took them to one in town and they would not cooperate!!! Uhg!!!! The yesterday the nurse at Kyler's school tested them. SHe made it into a game and they participated perfectly. Makenzie did just fine. Laynee had some problems with her right ear. My heart sank when I heard that. So today we got new health insurance and hopefully Laynee will be able to see an audiologist in the next couple of weeks.

I am so exhausted!!!! It is one appointment after the next and I rarely leave with good news. But it will all work out in the end and I am so very blessed by these children!

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