Monday, July 4, 2011

Family Bowling Night

Kyler has been asking to go bowling for a while now. He was wanting to earn his bowling belt loop for boy scouts. So we made a family night of it and went last weekend. We are terrible bowlers (me especially) but we had a blast!

Here is my litter scout, who will be getting that belt loop!

I must be the worst bowler ever. On my last game, I actually finished with a 26. And no- that is not a typo. All of the kids beat me by a long shot! So here is my picture after I hit a pin or two. Very exciting! And the people in the next lane were getting a laugh out of my game as well!

Scott was much better than me- but that doesn't say much! lol He beat Laynee by about 8 pins, I think!

Look at this pic of Danika and just remember how happy she looks...

Laynee prooved to be a pretty good bowler! At one point, she got 2 strikes in a row!

Remember happy Danika? Well, this is Danika after she realized that the only person she was beating was mommy...

She is a very competitive little thing. Playing Wii for her always ends in tears!

All and all, we had such a good time with lots and lots of laughs!

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