Friday, October 3, 2008

MORE Halloween Outfits!

I took over 150 pictures today of the kids! That's a lot, even for me, sense they were in school for 6 hours of the day!!! We tried on their Halloween costumes this afternoon and took some pictures. Kyler's and Danika's pictures turned out great- but Laynee and Makenzie weren't in the mood. I'll just have to try again!!! As I put the girls to bed, Danika said "I had fun wearing my costume, mommy."

I am still editing the costume pictures but here are a couple of the girls before they went to school this morning in yet another Halloween dress. That's three for this week! Thy only got one new one. The rest are from last year. And Laynee's outfit is a hand-me-down.

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Bama Girl in AZ said...

Hey, I love that hand me down!!!! Love the girls dresses too!