Sunday, February 8, 2009

He went to Jared's!

I got my Valentine's Day gift from my hubby last night!!! Amd I am one very lucky girl!!! He got me a new wedding band and setting for my solitaire! And it was a complete surprise!!!!

I have wanted a White Gold wedding ring for some time. But I ddin't think I would get one until like my 10th wedding anniversary or something. But Scott started shopping for the ring back in November. He would go to the jewerly store on his way to work. But since he didn't want me to suspect anything- he would only go for about 5 minutes each day until he found the ring he liked!!! In Decmeber he found the ring and put in on layaway.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to him that my diamond seemed loose in the setting and I wanted to take it in to be fixed. So I dropped the ring off to be fixed and sized on Friday afternoon. While talking to the jewler- I told him how much I wanted a white gold ring! After I left the store, my hubby called them and made the final payment on the new ring and had my diamond mounted in in and the ring sized. He picked it up on his way home from school yesterday. The same jewler was there and Scott said everyone was amazed by his sweet gift!!!

When he gave it to me last night- I was in complete shock!!! That was a lot of planning and thought! And the ring is gorgeous!!!!

My sweet hubby is setting a high standard for men everywhere this Valentine's Day!!!

Love ya, Scott!


azhawk said...

Very Nice! :-)

Whitney L said...

oooh pretty!