Friday, December 18, 2009

Nursing School Graduation Party

I have pics from the Nursing School graduation party that I hosted for Scott. This party was a blast to plan! The whole party had a medical theme. I think everything turned out pretty good!!!! And Scott had a great time!

First, here is the invitation that I made...

Edited to Add: I have received so many emails about this invitation! How exciting for little 'ole me! Let me try and answer the most asked questions. I made this invite using this kit in Photoshop Elements. Then I printed them at Costco in the 5x7 size. If you do any digital scrapbooking, you will know just what I am talking about. If not, I am considering making and selling the digital file. Basically, you would send me your party info. I would make the invite and email it to you for a small fee for my time. If that is something that interests you, please email me at

Next, the food!

Brain Cupcakes! How awesome are these?!!!

They were a piece of cake (pardon the pun!) to make. Check out these instructions.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Phalanges (That is a fancy word for fingers for un non-medical types!lol!)

I bought the finger candy mold from Michael's during the Halloween season. But I just looked and found it here!

Finger Sandwiches! We just ordered some subs from Quiznos. But the nasty looking hand candy really added some spunk don't you think?! (I bought it at Wal-Mart during the Halloween season.)

Brain watermelon and fruit! I LOVE this one!

We got lots of compliments on this bad boy! I got the instructions from here. If you are planning a medical themed party- you MUST make one of these!

Bone bread sticks

I just bought pre-made Pillsbury bread sticks and molded them into bones. Easy!

Bandaged Toe Wieners!

Now these are supposed to be toes with bandages but they look like another body part as well. But this is a family blog! Keep it clean! Lol! All I did was wrap cocktail wieners in crescent rolls. And that candy foot really makes the tray look so much more appetizing, right?!

Plus we had meat"balls" and "Elbow" Noodle Salad.

I decorated with streamers that were actually gauze, balloons that were actually medical gloves, toy medical supplies, etc. Name tags were actually band aids. Check out our privacy policy....he he he...

Here is Sara....

And Heather (who was my best friend in high school and graduated with Scott)...

And my graduate.....

Do you notice those plates? They have compartments and reminded me of hospital trays. I found them at Wal-Mart

Scott handing out "shots"!

Check out the gift I got him..... :)

Then it was time for games......the first game was "Diagnose Your Condition." I put a condition on each person's back and they had to go around asking yes or no questions until they diagnosed the condition. My Aunt Kathy won! Everyone loved it! Lots of laughing!

I couldn't believe that Scott didn't win seeing as he had the easiest condition!!!!

The game just gave everyone lots of laughs!!! Then we played a quick anatomy game with the nurses. They had to stick the body parts to the body with the right label. I bought it here.

(Did you notice the dip bowl on the table? It's a hospital puke bowl! Lol!)

Scott ended up wining this game!

Then they played a few rounds of Operation...

One last photo.....we used a urinal as the punch ladle. So funny!!!!

I had a blast planning the party. And I am so very proud of Scott!!!!

I was joking with Scott and said that he will need to throw me a party next year and we can have a contest to see who wears the tackiest "Teacher dress." Mine will have appliqued apples for sure!!! lol!!!

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