Saturday, January 30, 2010

A New Challenge for Kyler......

So back in December I got a note in the mail from Kyler's school. It stated that Kyler had failed 2 hearing screenings back in October and that they were recommending we see a doctor to follow up. I really thought nothing of it at first. I mean I know he can hear! I thought he probably failed because he didn't want to take the test and therefore, didn't raise his hand when he was supposed to. I thought it was an attitude thing more than a hearing thing.

Kyler already sees a doctor every month because of his ADHD, so at his January appointment we told the doctor about the hearing screanings. He told us, that it was probably nothing. "If he is doing fine in school, then he can hear." Just what I had been thinking! But to be on the safe side, he referred us to an audiologist.

So last week I took Kyler in for his appointment. It did not take long before I knew something was wrong. I was sitting next to Kyler. He has the ear phones on and was supposed to raise his hand when he heard the whistle. I could hear the whistle and I didn't have the head sets on! But Kyler was just sitting there. Nothing!!! I just kept trying to send him mental telepathy "Raise your hand, Kyler!!! Raise it!!!" That didn't work.

So here is the deal. Kyler has moderate to severe hearing loss in his right ear. His left ear was pretty close to normal. So basically he can't hear anything (especially high frequency sounds) from his right side and has been compensating with his left ear. He needs a hearing aid.

How could we not have known this?!!! Kyler had spinal meningits when he was a baby and hearing loss is a very common side effect of the illness. But Kyler passed his inital screening and we never had him retested. We never noticed that he had a problem. I am definatly feeling a bit guilty. But also releived that Kyler will be getting some help and is not behind in school.

Right now we are waiting for the paperword to go through and then he will be seen at Phoenix Children's Hospital sometime in February. I will keep you posted.

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