Saturday, January 23, 2010


Nothing photo worthy to show you today. Weird, I know.

I have been extra busy with classes. I have 15 credit hours this semester which is much tougher now that I have 4 kids than it was when I was 18! One of my classes is a photography class :) The class is actually a bit under my skill level. Some of the students in the class use their cell phones for their photo projects! But the class is required before you can take the more advanced classes, so I am sticking with it. The rest of my classes are online and have a ton of homework and busy work. Not fun!

Scott just took his NCLEX exam yesterday. It is the exam required to get your RN license. We don't know yet if he passed but should find out Monday. However, I really don't think he has any reason to worry. He finished the test in just 1 hour and the program kicked him off after 75 questions. I personally think that is a great sign! Scott also got work that he is being hired as an RN at Phoenix Children's Hospital. That is exactly what he wanted when he started nursing school, so he is very pleased and looking foward to starting the 6 week training program at the end of February.

The kids......well at the moment they are kinda bored and stir crazy! We have gotten more rain in this past week then we got all last year combined!!! And the wind was crazy! So our parks and backyard look like ponds. Today is the first sunny day in quite some time. So during the week we went to the movie theater, rented movies, played board games, went to preschool, dance, piano, and MOPS. But the kids so want to go outside and ride bikes! Soon!

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