Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Now that I am not busy doing homework every night, I thought I may as well get the blog updated with more pictures from September and October.

So the next pictures are from the twins' hat day at school. They were instructed to make a hat using a paper plate. We decided to paint their plates and decorate with ribbon, buttons, and pom poms. I think they turned out pretty darn cute.

And since Laynee and I had to spend the morning at the school (I am the class Photo mom for both the twins' classes.) she just HAD to make a hat as well. Just in case you are wondering....I skipped hat day!

In September, we celebrated Scott's 29th birthday. I can't remember what we did, except we went to Olive Garden for dinner. Scott insisted.

So all 4 of the kids are playing soccer this year. The 3 girls are all on the same team and Kyler is in the one age group above them. Kyler is doing SO much better this year. Last year, he refused to run and complained that games took too long. This year he does really well as a defender and I think his team has won all but one game.

Love this pic.....

Laynee and Danika will probably never be professional soccer players. And I say that with lots of love. Laynee just might be too young. She gets bored and is more concerned about what the snack will be than she is about playing. Danika tries, but just doesn't seem to have much luck. But Makenzie is a whole different story! She is awesome! Especially as a defender. The coach usually has her in most of the game!

I mentioned that Kyler is a boy scout. He LOVES it! It is his special time with daddy and he likes working towards the badges. He has alread earned a few things! Now isn't he handsome in his uniform?

Back in June, my girls did a cheerleading camp at a high school. And in October they got to go back and perform at a football game with the high school cheerleaders. The girls were so excited. They have been asking about it since June! And they were too fun to watch!!! First, they looked adorable with their fancy pony tails. And then their were the dances! I loved watching them shake it! I will always remember how Makenzie just lit up and came to life when she was handed a set of pom poms. Scott has it on video and if I can ever get him to work on it, I might have a video to share :)

My twins are right up front....

I will try to get the pumpkin patch and fall pics up soon!

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