Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kyler Turns 7!

I have been MIA since I spend every last moments writing lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, papers, and tests and going to staff meetings, IEP meeting, AIMS test training meetings and parent teacher conferences. I kinda thought my student teaching would be a 8-3 kinda thing. I imagined doing all my homework during lunch and plan period. I was sadly mistaken. There is so much to do! Even as I am writing this, I am thinking "I really shouldn't be doing this because I have PowerPoints, lesson plans and a huge paper to be working on." But at the end of the day (well maybe before I fall asleep on top of my computer at 8 o'clock), I am actually having fun. The teenagers were pretty scary at first. I saw and heard some things that I wish I could erase from my mind. But after I came to grips with the fact that they are just kids, I started to enjoy being around them. I am finished with my student teaching on March 24th. I have just 12 lessons left to teach since there is AIMS and spring break in there. I am excited to be done and kinda sad to see it end. Now it is time to get a job! I haven't had one since the twins were born 5 1/2 years ago.

During my 2nd week of teaching, Kyler turned 7. I won't lie...I cried a little about not being home with him and not being able to bring the cupcakes to his class. But Scott took care of it. It all worked out.

Now how in the world did my boy get to be 7?! I feel like January 13, 2004 was just yesterday! I remember that minutes before my surgery, my mother-in-law opened the blinds in the hospital room. The sun was just coming up and it was gorgeous colors of orange and red. And I remember saying "It is the perfect day to have a baby." Now look at my big boy.....

Kyler asked for a camping birthday party this year. We invited lots of family and friends for a fun cook out. We had hotdogs and s'mores. The kids decorated camping bags, made trail mix and played in the tent. After the cookout, Kyler had 2 friends from school stay the night. They made tye dye shirts, watched a movie, used the telescope to look at the moon and had a camp fire. They camped in the backyard. I think the party was a huge success! My little man was very happy!

The next morning with the tye dye shirts...

Now Kyler is already planning his party for next year!

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