Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bitter Sweet

Today was my last day of student teaching. I don't know how to feel. On one hand, I am super excited to graduate. Getting through the past 2 years of school have been anything but easy. The first year, Scott was in nursing school and GAP training at work. He was never home. At the end of my 2nd semester, we moved. During my 3rd semester, I got very sick and had to drop out of my class. And my 4th semeser, student teaching, has been challenging and stressful. There have been tears shed! I did all of this while managing a home and 4 kids, running carpool and volunteering over 80 hours in the kids' classrooms. So how can I not be excited that all of the hard work, late nights and tears have paid off?

And yet, I was sad today! Each period I had to say goodbye to a group of students that I have grown to care about. It was kinda like losing 100 friends in 1 day! The students threw me a total of 5 parties. I am stuffed full of sweets and my teeth are decaying. They gave me cards with such thougtful messages. One wrote "There are only a few people that influence someone: parents and a few teachers. You are one of those teachers." WOW! I did that? I had no idea!

And so I have started the process of filling out job applications. I haven't done this in over 7 years! I am excited to move on to the next journey- whatever that may be. And I am enjoying a night with no homework, lesson plans or PowerPoint presentations!

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