Monday, March 19, 2012

Are you ready for some football?!

I will let you in on a little secret. Don't tell, but I am really not a football fan. I would much rather spend my Sunday afternoons at the mall then at home watching football! But I am a a HUGE fan of parties! Theme parties! Since Scott had off on Superbowl Sunday this year, I decided that it was a MUST to have a party! Yay! Here is a look at the football themed food that I made.

One of our main entrees was football pizza!

All we did was get our favorite frozen cheese pizza. We added pepperonis in the shape of a football. Then we used American cheese to make the football laces. Simple and cute!

Scott's favorite snack is a 7 layer dip. So I made him this one to look like a football field!

Just make bean dip any way you like. But make the top layer guacamole. Then you can put sour cream in a Ziploc. Snip the end and pipe it on to make some yard lines and end zones. I added toothpicks for goal posts just for the fun of it! I wanted the chips to look like the stadium. Not sure if you get that but that was my vision!

Another snack we served were these cute football meat, cheese and crackers...

I bought oval shaped crackers and then we cut the cheese and meat into a football shape. That was a bit tedious! To make the laces, I piped Ranch dressing on top.

I think the snack that was gone first were these football deviled eggs...

All I did was make deviled eggs and use fresh chives to make the laces. Easy!

I couldn't decide on just one dessert so we ended up having 3! My favorite were these football shaped Brownies...

I made brownies and then used a cookie cutter to cut them out. I couldn't find a football shaped one, so I just took a circle cutter and bent it a little. Voila! Football shaped! Then I piped a little white chocolate on top for the laces. (I sure did do a lot of piping, huh?)

The next dessert was actually store bought. I don't buy many store bought dessert but this one is SO worth it! It is a snicker ice cream cake in the shape of a football!

It was delicious!

The last dessert that I made was chocolate covered strawberries.

All I did was pipe some white chocolate laces on to them. Easy!

We also made some delicious meatballs and a friend brought potato skins (You could make potato skins look like footballs by piping sour cream on top!) so we had tons of food!

I got lots of these ideas from this site.


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