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8th Birthday...Angry Bird Style!

There is no way that I will ever be able to get my blog all caught up! But I thought I would try and do a few posts about some of my parties and holiday themes. I get requests and questions about them all the time, so I am going to do my best to include links to tutorials too.

For Kyler's 8th birthday, he requested an Angry Birds party. I was NOT too excited! Angry birds is too new. You couldn't just go to the party store and buy stuff! But he insisted and so I agreed. (The crazy things we will do those cute kids!) I did lots of research and managed to put together a really cute and fun party! (Last week I was at the party store and they now have a whole display of angry bird plates and things! Of course!)

I got things started with this fun party invitation..

I bought the invites from this seller on etsy. I see that she doesn't have an etsy store anymore but th link has an email address for placing orders. I just told her the name and other info and she sent me a digital image of the invite. I sent the image to Costco and had 5x7 prints made. Turned out perfect!

Now my next big project was the game for the party. I wanted the kids to get to actually play Angry Birds! I found this great site here and decided to make a similar game!

I went to tons of stores looking for the plastic balls she used but couldn't find them. I settled for these red playground balls for $4 each from Wal-Mart. (A week after I painted the balls, I found the plastic ones at Wal-Mart. That is the kind of luck I have!) The playground balls worked fine and are still a favorite backyard toy.

Since I didn't have the green plastic balls, I used cans for the pigs. Now the game can double as an Angry Birds bowling game! I used this tutorial for painting the cans and the ball. I even used the same pain colors! I think it turned out great!

Then we just collected some boxes from neighbors and added a few extra cheap ones from Wal-Mart. Voila! We had an Angry Birds party game. All the guests loved it!

Now it was time to get to work on party favors. I saw all kinds of cute treat bags online but I really wanted to keep the costs of the goodies down. I hate taking my kids to parties and coming home with a bunch of candy, bubbles, tatoos and other junk. So I decided to make each girl an angry birds hair bow!

Isn't it cute?! They were tedious but not hard. I used this tutorial. Then I just put the bows in clear cello bags and tied with red curling ribbon.

I don't have a picture for some reason (it gets so crazy when hosting a kid birthday party) of the boy favors. I decided to really make the boys' parents happy (he he he) and give them sling shots! I got these ones from Oriental Trading company. I put them in clear cello bags with blue curling ribbon. The boys were super excited!

I didn't really bother with a lot of decorations. I just got table clothes and paper products in primary colors very cheap at Wal-Mart. But I just HAD to have balloons! I got a couple dozen balloons from my grocery store and used these free templates to make them into the birds and the pig! Look how cute they are...

Now it's time to talk about the food! No party is complete without it! We served Angry Bird English Muffin Pizzas! They were a hit!

We found huge pepporonis and used those for the face. The eyes are olives and the nose is a piece of pineapple. And they were actually quite tasty too!

Another food that we served were these deviled egg Angry Birds.

The eyes are deviled eggs with olives in the center. The beak is a half a piece of American cheese. Then we just took a sharpie and drew in the eyebrows. I was surprised by how quickly the kids gobbled up the eggs!

We also served popcorn in fun cups, but of course I never got a picture!

Now on to the sweets!!! I am NOT a cake maker! My husband has gotten a good laugh out of a few of my cake attempts. I usually order my cakes from the grocery store. But they are so expensive! I really wanted a playable cake. I figured that if I kept it simple, I could make it myself.
It won't win any prizes, my I think it turned out ok and Kyler loved it so that is all that really matters. I made two cakes and then frosted them together with green frosting. The tower is made with fudge stick cookies. The slingshot and birds came from an Angry Bird board game that we got Kyler for Christmas. I added some rocks around the edges. They are just milk duds.

So instead of blowing out candles, Kyler got to try and knock the pigs down. He and his friends thought that was pretty cool.

I wasn't really sure how messed up the cake would be after the playing, so I decided to also make Angry Bird cake pops! I got a cake pop machine for Christmas and so this was my first chance to use it. I am SO glad I did because they turned out amazing!

I just made the cake pops in my machine. Then I dipped them in melted red candy melts. Before the candy set, I stuck candy eyes and beaks on. I found them at Michael's. Then I piped on a little chocolate for eyebrows. Cake pops are a lot of work! Cupcakes would be quicker. But these are so much more special! I received TONS of compliments on these!

All of the guests loved the party and Kyler was one very happy birthday boy! The only thing left to do is scrapbook the event! I bought this kit and digi scrapped using Photoshop Elements.

I hope you enjoyed reading about all of our angry bird fun!

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What an amazing party! You are so creative....I love it!