Monday, September 19, 2011

Twins 6th birthday

So I am 6 weeks late- but I am finally posting some pics from the twins' 6th birthday. I really struggled with the birthday this year. It was only a couple days after school started. So I was still a sappy mess. In fact, the night before their birthday, I told the girls the entire story of being pregnant and getting to meet them and what they were like as babies. It all just made me even more sad!

The day before their birthday, the girls brought ice cream cone cupcakes to school. I made the cupcakes after I dropped them off on the 1st day. It took forever- but was the perfect distraction. I thought Mrs. Kyte was so funny. She did some pretend birthday spankings and the whole class was laughing hysterically.

On their bday we woke them up singing. We had blueberry pancakes and then got right to opening the presents. There were a bunch! We redid the girls bedroom as a gift!

They also got ipods!

During the afternoon we went to As You Wish and painted pottery! Super fun! Danika made a rock star jewlery box and Makenzie painted a puppy.

Dinner at Olive Garden as the girls requested!

Gosh I love those sweet and beautiful girls!!! But I really wish they would stop growing!

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