Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

I am getting closer to being caught up! Just 3 birthdays left!

Today I have pictures of the first day of school. Kyler is a 2nd graders. The twins are 1st graders. And my "Baby Laynee" started Kindergarten. I had such a hard time this year. I am SUPER sappy and this was the first year that they were all in school. Three days before school started- it hit me. It hit me hard. I just laid there in bed balling. And sniffling. It was pathetic. I kept thinking about the day that each of the kids were born. I thought about holding their little bodies. And I thought of all the things I would have changed if I had a second chance. I would have kept them home with me every single darn day. I would have yelled less. I would have played more. But too late now....they spend their days with their teacher and not me. I warned you that I was sappy! I cried for about 4 days. The 1st day was hard!!! I did ok with the big kids. But Laynee....a whole other story. I remember leaving the school crying like a baby. Scott decided to take me to breakfast a s a distraction. The poor waitress must have thought I was crazy!!! But the good news....the kids love school. They love their teachers and are excited to see their school friends again. I will make it through the first week!

I was crying...but the kids sure weren't!

Here is Laynee with her teacher, Mrs. Williams.

Laynee was not very excited about starting school. She kept telling me that she didn't want to go because she would miss me. But there weren't any tear. (From Laynee.) And I know she is gonna love Kindergarten!

I made it through the first day. Now I have 3 birthdays to cry through!

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