Monday, August 1, 2011

Getting behind a bit!

I had no idea that it would take me so long to get back to my blog! I beg your forgiveness! Let me explain...

First, we took a fun family vacation to Huntington Beach and Disneyland! We sent my birthday in Disneyland. I loved it. We all had a blast riding rides, visiting characters and eating at lots of neat restaurants. I will share lots of picture soon. Then, you know the usual list of chores that you come home to after vacation. Six people sure do make a lot of dirty laundry! And then there is the grocery shopping, unpacking and regular house work. This was made even more difficult since my parents came over the day after we got back (to celebrate my birthday) and we went out with friends the following night (more celebrating and repacking the kids for grandma's house). By Saturday, I was just plain exhausted. I slept in, slept through a movie with the kids, took a nap later and went to bed at 9.

Next, the kids started school this week past week. So we had to go to Open House at the school on Monday. This is not like any other Open House I have ever been to. It is stressful, crowded, irritating (why so much darn paperwork?!!!) and just plain chaotic! We had to bring so many school supplies for each of the 4 kids that we had to make multiple trips to the car in order to carry them all in. Crazy, right? And then I had to send the kids to their first day of school on Thursday. It is the first year that all of the kids are in school. Laynee is in Kindergarten, the twins are in 1st grade and Kyler is in 2nd grade. I am the super sappy mom that cried like a baby the day before school started, on the playground when I dropped them off and all the way home. I may cry all over again as I type this! I remember when they were all babies (4 in diapers at the same time!), I would dream about the day that I would "retire" and get to send them all to school. And now that the time has come, I desperately wish that they could be babies again.

Finally, my week became busier (and I cried some more) because the twins had their birthday on Saturday. They turned 6. How can that be right?!!! 6???? All day long I kept thinking "I remember exactly what I was doing at this moment 6 years ago." I remember it like it was yesterday! So we started the festivities on Friday. I brought cupcakes to school. (The day before I make 6 dozen ice cream cone cupcakes. I learned a very important lesson: When the directions say to only fill the cones half way- they really do mean it. So I had to toss 2 dozen cupcakes that oozed batter everywhere and had to send my hubby out for more cones.) On Saturday, their actual birthday, we had an entire day of fun. We made pancakes for breakfast. We opened a whole ton of presents (I think I went a wee over board.). We gave them everything they needed to redo their room to make it more of a big girl room. Since they couldn't agree on a theme (The twins are nothing alike.) we went with half the room in a ballet theme (Makenzie) and half of the room in a rock star theme (Danika). Then we went out to lunch, the bookstore and to make pottery. Finally, we went to dinner with their grandparents and home to open a ton more presents.

The rest of this week doesn't look any less chaotic. I have 2 doctor appointments, Kyler has an orthodontist appointment, Laynee's birthday is on Wednesday and all the girls are having a swimming birthday party on Saturday. Wowzer!

I have our beach pictures edited and ready to share. I started on the Disney ones (but it will take a while to finish since I took over 700 pictures). So as soon as things slow down a bit- I will share them with you.

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Whitney Lawton said...

Can't wait to see your adorable Disneyland pics Jamie!