Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth- Part 2

I was super excited about our 2nd day in Disney! The kids dressed up as characters!!!! Kyler was Captain Jack Sparrow. He was so darn cute!

The girls got to go to Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique to have their hair and make-up done!

Poor Makenzie was so excited about getting her hair done. But while we were getting ready in the hotel room that morning, she managed to pull an iron down onto her head. It was so scary! She didn't burn herself, but she did cut her head. Since it was bleeding, she couldn't get her hair done :( But we got her the Rapunzel wig and they did her make up and pixie dust. Sill fun!

We took some pictures back in the photo studio. Danika is the Cinderella bride. Makenzie is Rapunzel and Laynee is Tinker Bell.

Jessie is Danika's favorite character!

The Toy Story Mania ride in California Adventures is my very favorite ride!

Buzz is still one of Kyler's favorite characters and he was super excited to find him!

We took the girls to the Princess Coronation. We had never done this before and I have no idea why not! The girls loved learning how to be a princess! While we were waiting for the show to start, the girls started posing and asking me to take their pictures. Especially Danika who is my little model!

I love the look on Danika's face when Cinderella walked out...

For dinner we went to a very fancy restaurant called the Blue Bayou. It is actually inside of the Pirates of the Carribean ride! It was great food, awesome ambiance and the kids were so good! No pictures because it was way too dark.


The Tea Cups are a family favorite!

Tigger was very goofy with the kids!

The story of Splash Mountain: Everyone but Makenzie wanted to go on Splash Mountain. We waited until the 3rd day and just told her that we were all going. She wimpered the entire time we were in line. Then as we got closer, she started crying. By the time we were getting in the boats, she was screaming bloody murder. During the ride she was screaming "Let me off this ride!!!!" I actually wondered if she was going to jump! After the ride, she says "We can go on that again." WHAT?!!! LOL! And so we went on it again the next day! I love all the scraed looks on our faces!

Dinner on the 3rd night was delicious! We went to a BBQ place. Hungry Bear BBQ??? Anyway, it was outside, all you can eat and messy! The kids were in the BEST mood of the entire trip. We took lots of pictures just because we were having so much fun smiling together! Here is a look at some of the food...

After dinner, we had to start our 2 1/2 hour wait to see Fantasmic. One adult would save the spot while the other took the kids. And then we switched. I though the kids would be upset by it all....but nope!

And it doesn't hurt that we gave them ice cream!!!

Fantasmic was awesome!!! I had not seen it since Disney World for our honeymoon. Why did we wait so long?! The kids loved it! And we had perfect seats for the fireworks afterwards as well. Amazing night!!!

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stampersim said...

Such cute pics. Where did you get your shirts ? Did you make them yourself ??? I live 35 mins from Disneyland and go at least 1-2 times a year (since I was 6 ... so that's a lot of years LOL) and I still never get tired of it. LOVE IT !!!!!!!