Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baking with my Best Gals!!!

Yesterday the girls and I baked a really fun Spring Cookie Cake. I got the recipe online but then ended up changing it quite bit. Send me a message if you want the exact recipe. The girls really like baking day! In the future I plan to just sit on the couch while they cook, bake, and clean for me. Isn't that a nice thought?! Anyway....I have to warn you....I was in a VERY goofy mood when we were baking. The pictures reflect this!!!!

Here is where I start getting goofy....

Then we ran out of Vanilla....

This was the girls favorite part because I let them do it with their hands instead of using a rolling pin!

And then back to my goofy stuff!!!!

After we baked the big sugar cookie we covered it in marshmellows and Easter M&Ms.

Here is the final product.......

And the taste testers.......

I had to pick all the M&Ms off of Danika's because she still refuses to eat chocolate.

If you need a sugar rush......this is the perfect treat!!!!
See ya again soon with more adventures from the Sears Family!!!!

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