Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

I have a bunch of pictures for ya!!! We had such a good time yesterday! It was 92 degrees and so the kids spent a good portion of the day in the kiddie pool in the backyard. I love these happy faces!

When I was making their lunch, I snapped a pic so you could see how the kids keep us on our toes!

Kyler only eats peanutbutter on his sandwich. Laynee likes PB&J and the twins only like jelly. If you mess this up- you are likely to have a sandwich thrown at you. And I am not joking! But when you do it right- you get more smiles!!!

Kyler added grapes to his sandwich! He sure is creative!

We even had a fun sun craft yesterday. I made each kid a sun out of paper plates. You just take one paper plate and cut it into eighths. These are the sun rays. Then just staple them to another plate and you have a sun! The kids each painted their suns!

I know that lots of my friends think I am crazy for letting the kids use paint. The thing is- I am a bit of a neat freek (nothing like my parents) but enough that I get frantic when the kids make a mess. But I got these great tempura kid paints for the learning store and I LOVE them! The paint washes off the table and the kids skin and clothes. EZ clean up! And anytime th kids get to paint- they are in heaven!
Got Easter egg hunt and egg decorating pics to show you soon!

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