Friday, June 12, 2009

Swim Lessons

All four kids have been going to swim lessons 4 days per week for the past two weeks! And they still have 2 more weeks. And since it's going pretty well, I am thinking about signing them up for the third session too. But we'll see.......

Kyler LOVES the lessons. He has come so far from the days of running from the pool screaming with the life guard chasing him down! He is still cautious about putting his head under water. He had a great time going down the slide with daddy yesterday!

Danika, on the other hand, always has her head under water!!!! She lays on her belly with her face in the water. It's strange!!! But she is doing really well with lessons since she does not seem to be afraid at all.

Makenzie loves to swim around the shallow end, but does not put her head under! It was so cute because she had a little crush on her swim teacher!!!!

The first day, Laynee was fine. But then the next 5 she screamed bloody murder through the whole lesson!!!! Then the last 2 she started to calm down a bit. She always insists that she doesn't want to get her hair wet!

So here are my little swimmers....

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