Friday, April 16, 2010

Change is in the air.....

I have lived in Casa Grande for the past 21 years. Scott has lived here for 23. We aren't good with change......but it is time!!!!

We are moving!!!

But since we are not so great with change, we decided it would be best to not move too far away! So we are moving to the Chandler/Gilbert area. It is only 45 minutes away. But so scary!!! We are saying goodbye to our house!!! I love my house! My kids love the house! I thought I was going to die in this house. I thought that because Scott told me so!!!

We do not have a house in Gilbert yet. We will be renting :( I am only 28 and I have already owned 2 houses. Kinda stinks to go back to renting.

Or does it? Owning a house hasn't done us any good or saved us any money! We are so upside down in our mortgage that owning our home is no longer a good investment. Now we will have a house that is about the same size and pay less. That sounds like the way to go for me!!!

Plus we will be closer to Scott work, family, friends, a church community, and so much more. I think we are gonna love it!!!

But first, a house for sale, packing, garage sale, finding a new house, moving, and unpacking!!! Anyone want to sign up to help?! lol

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