Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kyler is a cub scout!

A couple of nights ago, Scott took Kyler to his first cub scout meeting. And he LOVED it. He came home all smiles and told me every detail. He cannot wait to go get his uniform (especially the badge belt)! We will be shopping for it this weekend, so I will have pictures to post soon!

And since I let Kyler do scouts, I guess I have to let the twins too. So I am taking them to their first Daisies meeting tomorrow. Danika is especially excited about this and wanted to skip daddy's birthday dinner in order to go. Luckily I found a way for us to do both :)

So now we have gymnastics (only for 2 more weeks), dance, piano, girl scouts, boy scouts, and soccer. Oh boy! My calendar has NEVER looked so scary!!!!!! But we are loving every minute of it!

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