Monday, September 6, 2010

Diamondbacks Game! Take 2!

Today the girls got to dance at the Diamondbacks game again!!!! And we got FREE tickets to the game! Yay for a fun and free family day!!! And this time, the girls got to dance right on the field in front of lots of people. I was so darn proud!!!!! Look how cute they are...

I don't have the right lens to photograph things that are too far way. So I mostly just took pics of the jumbo tron. Since my girls were in the front row, there was great close ups on them!!!

Here they are walking back after the performance. Isn't it sweet that they are holding hands?!

The girls are really enjoying their dance school. They have another performance this month too!!!!
And now we are getting ready for the start of soccer season. All 4 kids are playing this year!!!

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