Sunday, September 19, 2010

Butter + Beer + Brad = BEST date ever!

OMG! Scott and I had seriously had the BEST time last night!!! The kids had their first soccer games (pictures coming soon) and afterwards they went to lunch, a movie and over night at grandma's house! Yay!!! Then Scott took me to eat at the Texas Roadhouse. I am a little mad at all my Gilbert friends who never told me about this place. It si amazing!!!! Everything is home made. I especially loved the apple honey butter and home made bread. YUMMMMM!!!! Plus it was a very inexpensive place to eat! We will be back soon!!!

After dinner we went to the Brad Paisley concert. We had some cumby lawn tickets, but I was still excited. Then 2 nights ago I got a text from a very good friend's husband (who works for RCA) asking me if I wanted to go back stage and meet Brad. Apparently they went to college together! Gee, let me think about that...........YES!!!!!!!!! I was thrilled!!!!

But it gets better! We went to will call to pick up the back stage pass and there were 2 concert tickets for us. 6th row!!!!!!!!!! And right next the the "T" on the stage where Brad walked out to sing. AMAZING!!!!!!!

Here I am with my very best friend at our seats. Look to the right. See the stage? That is how close we were! Like 4 people away from BRAD!

Right before the concert we got VIP passes and were escorted back stage! So cool!!!! We watched Brad hop off his tour bus and then we got to go meet him and pose for a picture. All I could say was "OH MY GOSH!!!" Yes, I am a Brad Paisley groupie! Don't we look good together? (I changed shirts because Scott got me a Brad Paisley Lifegaurd shirt. The tour was called the h2o tour.)

Here is the 8x10 picture that he autographed for us.....
And then there was the show.....INCREDIBLE!!!!!! He was right there!!!!! And he is amazing!!!! Tons of effects, lots of humor, and crazy good music! I was on my feet dancing the entire time! Look how close I was....

We also got to see Justin Moore and Darius Rucker (from Hootie and the Blowfish). Amazing line up!
We got home SUPER late. And then we went out for breakfast this morning before the kids came home. Now I am just trying to recover! I am feeling very old!!! lol So football, food, and relaxing for today. Hmmm.....maybe a nap!
Thanks, Scott!!! Love ya!!!

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Allison and Mason: said...

That's AWESOME!!!!! I love Brad Paisley and what an awesome surprise to find out once you get there!! That's so cool and now you have some cool pictures to keep. So jealous!