Monday, December 15, 2008

Busy Weekend!!!

We were just running from one place to the next this past weekend!

On Friday night I taught a pretty big class. Then on Staurday morning/afternoon I had a booth at a craft show. While I was gone, Scott took the kids to play at the park. Then that night we met Aunt Kathy for dinner at Johnny Rockets and then we went to Zoolights. On Sunday morning we did grocery shopping and then church. After church I had another class and the older kids had play practice at church. Then as soon as my class left- we had company over for dinner. Scott's biologial father, David came down from Safford with his wife, Rhonda, and their daughter Brittney. Let me tell you- I fell asleep pretty early last night!!!

Here are a few pictures of David and Rhonda with the kids. I didn't realize until I uploaded the pictures that Kyler wasn't in any of them! Stinker!

Kenzie was shy around David most the night but as soon as she heard that he brought her a present- she was all cuddles and hugs! lol!
And I am really excited that Laynee made it through that entire busy weekend without a single potty accident!!!

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