Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Afternoon/ Evening

Sorry it has taken so long to finish posting Christmas pictures, but I got sick again on Sunday and haven't felt well since.

So on Christmas, when the rest of the family arrived, we opened gifts again!

Then we had Turkey and Ham dinner with all of the fixings. Yum! Scott, my dad, and I were the Chief Cooks while my mom and aunt were in charge of the kids and Pa!

It has become tradition for the kids to put olives on their fingers. When we were telling Kyler all the things we would be having for dinner he said "I will put the olives on my fingers and then mommy will take a picture." think I might take too many pictures of them! Never!

Edward slept through dinner preparation so he was lucky enough to be the official dish washer! There were A TON of dishes! But he was a good sport and with help, the kitchen was clean in record time.
And then we had home made pies for dessert and opened MORE presents!!!!

This is Danika being silly!

Laynee enjoying her pie!

Aunt Kathy gave Kyler this little stuffed Mickey Mouse. We will be taking it with us to Disney World in less than a week!!! I may be more excited than Kyler! But when he gets there- he will see why I was so excited!!!

Aunt Kathy gave the girls a doll house. It was all put together and waiting in the garage. So the girls were told to sit in the toy room with their eyes closed while it was brought in. Aren't they cute?!
So as you can see, the kids opened presents from the moment that woke up until they went to sleep!!! I think we may have more toys, books and movies than the average toy store! And to top it all off- we went to Johnny and Lorrie's house the day after Christmas and opened tons more gifts!!!! We sure are blessed. And spoiled!
Right this very moment, there is a Milk Chocolate Cheesecake baking in the oven!!! I am still not feeling well but if anything could make me feel better, this may be it! The kids and I are bringing the cake to my parent's house tonight for a New Year's Eve dinner. Scott has to work : (
Hope everyoe has a Happy New Year!

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