Monday, December 8, 2008


We went to the San Tan Village yesterday to see Santa. We had never been there before but it is a really cute outdoor mall that is designed to look like an old fashion village. Of course we would go to an outdoor mall on the first cool day of the season! I think it was like 68 degrees! That's winter is Arizona!

The big kids loved sitting on Santa's lap! He spent a lot of time talking to each kid. I am impressed!

Danika was so excited because Santa told her that her dress was pretty!

I really like this shot with Makenzie thinking about what she wants for Christmas! She asked for a Pink and Purple car. She is referring to the Barbi Power Wheels Jeep. I might have brainwashed her! lol!

Kyler asked Santa for a Turtle, some trains, and a Piano. I hope a plastic turtle will do because there will be no turtles in my house!

Laynee was scared of Santa and absolutly refused to go near him!

I wanted the shot of her crying in his lap but she has a death grip on Scott. I think she would have hurt Santa. So we gave up.
Maybe next year!

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azhawk said...

That doesn't look like Santa to me, but dang don't those kids look cute!