Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Accident

Many of you already know this, but last week Scott was in a nasty car accident on his way to work. The good news is that no one was hurt more than sore muscles. Someone was definatly watching over Scott that night.

So he was driving down Hunt Highway (which is only 2 lanes, super busy and under construction) when he and the 4 cars ahead of him came to a complete stop to wait while a car made a left turn. The car behind Scott also came to a stop. Sadly, the huge truck behind her did not stop. He his her going about 50 mph. The force made her car fly off the road. By the time Scott saw her car on his side, he had already been hit by the same truck. The impact caused Scott to hit the person in front of him who then hit the person of front of them. There were 5 cars involved.
So I was at home reading the kids a story when my phone started ringing. I saw that it was Scott and my heart stopped. He doesn't call me 15 minutes after he leaves for work to say that he misses me. It is always bad news. I answered with "What's wrong?!" I am still not allowed to drive, but really what choice did we have? I loaded all the kids and we went to pick Scott up. This is not what any wife wants to see! Scott was all shaken up and when I saw the car, so was I! If Scott had had a passenger, they would have been injured. This truck was in his back seat!
The night went from bad to worse. But in the end, everyone is safe! His car was a total loss. But the other guy's insurance company accepted complete responsibilty in a matter of just 36 hours. So they got Scott a rental car. Then we got the call yesterday that they have already cut him a check for his car (that is higher than we expected!). It only took a week!!! I am actually a little bummed about that. We only get the rental until Monday. That means we need a new car by Monday!!!!
Scott and I have had plans for quite some time for a weekend get away to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. I will be so bummed if we have to spend the weekend car shopping! I HATE car shopping with a passion! Too bad they don't have car coupons. Then it would be more fun!
More posts coming! I want to catch up (instead of doing homework!).

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