Thursday, November 4, 2010

Literature Parade

Since kids are no longer allowed to wear Halloween costumes to school, the big kids' school came up with an alternative: a Literature Parade. The kids dressed up as their favorite character from a book and paraded around the school while parents cheered. It was cute. (But since the girls are only in school for 3 hours on Fridays and they also had a harvest party- it was a super overwhelming morning! I cancelled the rest of our plans for the day and took a long nap!)

I had planned out all the kids characters and costumes before I got sick. But in the end, Scott had to put most of it together. He did a great job!

Kyler picked to be Ralph S. Mouse. He read all three Ralph books a couple months ago so it was a perfect choice. Scott made his helmet out of a white mixing bowl.

Makenzie picked to be Pinkalicious. This was no surprise to anyone! She found this book at the library sometime last year and made me read it over and over! So we got her a copy last Christmas and it continues to be a favorite! We already had a tutu, wings, tights, and a crown so this a super easy one. We just had to spray her hair pink. It took an entire can to make her hair look pink!

I tried to talk Danika into being Fancy Nancy since we have 3 sets of Fancy Nancy costumes....but she is strong willed and the moment she knew that I wanted that- she picked a different character! She decided to be Angelina Ballerina. Since we already had the tutu, tight and ballet shoes- it was pretty easy. It just took a while for Scott to figure out how to make good mouse ears. But in the end- it looked awesome!

Keep in mind that the kids leave for school at 6:50 in the morning! This was quite a lot to accomplish by that hour of the morning! I was actually ready for my nap by 7! lol

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