Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Sorry to write so many different posts! But I am watching the Thanksgiving parade with the kids and had some timne to get caught up!

We had a super busy day on Tuesday with Thanksgiving celebrations!!!

Laynee and I made cute marshmellow/cookie pilgram hat treats for her class. Aren't they cute?!

The twins had a very cool Thend Now Thanksgiving celebration at school. They rotated through 7 different Kindergarten classes doing projects and playing games.
Here is Makenzie in her turkey hat. Sh is painting a handmade nampking ring...

Here is Danika Making a placemat...

Here is Makenzie playing pumpkin bowling...

Here is Danika making bread (which smelled AMAZING!)....

After that, I got to go to Laynee's school Thanksgiving celebration. I LOVE her pilgram hat! It even has braids attached.

When the kids got home, we got to work making our own Thanksgiving meal! Scott was originally scheduled to work on Wednesday and Thursday so decided to have our dinner on Tuesday. And then his schedule got changed to Monday and Tuesday! lol. So the kids helped me cook.
Danika helped with green bean casserole and pumpkin pie (one for us and one for the pie tasting in her class).

Scott woke up just in time to carve the turkey...

The kids were excited to eat at a fancy table. They are used to plastic plates and cups with paper nampkins!

We have a tradition where everyone gets a new ornament at their spot at the Thanksgiving table. They are always personalized. (Scott and I even gave ornaments as a favor at our wedding which was over Thanksgiving weekend!)

This is me right before I burned myself. Now who us holes in their potholders?!! We do!!!

Time to eat!

Another tradition- olives on the fingers and dipped in mashed potatoes...



So today is actually Thanksgiving. But we get to relax! Later this afternoon we are going to have dinner with Scott's parents. But no cleaning, baking, or dishes for us. We are done. And thinking about putting up the Christmas tree!

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