Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Fun

We had a a very busy Halloween weekend. I was still recovering from Friday's school festivities. But Saturday we had 2 soccer games, tumbling, shopping, and a big costume block party. The party was so much fun. It was just down the street from us so we could walk. They had a DJ, band, bounce house, fire truck, and TONS of food. And everyone, even adults, were required to wear costumes. It was fun seeing what the adults came up with!

Then Sunday we had church, pumpkin carving, portraits, and trick-or-treating. So here are some pics from the pumpkin decorating/carving...

And here we are ready for trick-or-treating....

Not many pics of the kids in their costumes because they were way too anxious to get candy and we had just had portraits done! But Kyler was an astronaught, Danika was a rock start, Makenzie was a cheerleader, and Laynee was a ladybug.

The kids scored big time trick-or-treating! We never had much luck in our old neighborhood because no one was ever home. But this was a whole other story. There were just hundreds of people sitting in drive way, amazing decorations, and kids galore!!!! We went through 2 1/2 bags of candy in 10 minutes and I was only giving one piece per kid!

And the pumpkin all lit up...

Everyone went to bed exhausted!!!! (And thus we were all cranky the next day! lol)

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