Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dear Santa

The kids wrote their letter to Santa today and they are precious!!! Laynee told Scott what to write so that is why her's is spelled right. With the others, I left all the mistakes!

Dear Santa,
Christmas is today. I would like a DSI. I have been a good girl. Santa I love you. Next time will you stay for Christmas?

Dear Santa,
I ben A Gud Grl. I ben wisheng for a DeeSi for Christmas. I luv Santa!

dear Santa,
I wld wont a dsi and I wld like good presints. I have been a good girl.

Dear Santa,
I wish for a telescope. I ben very good. have a happy Christmas. how or you doing Santa? Is the north pole big or little? how or your elfs and mis claus doing to? I love Christmas Santa. It's the best holidy ever. I love you Santa.

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