Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Car

We went car shopping yesterday- with ALL the kids. It seemed like a recipe for disaster! But instead it turned out to be the easiest and quickest car buying experience I have ever had! And in the end we paid less than we had planned and got a nicer car that we had planned! Can't beat that! Plus it only took 2 hours! Yup, you read that right!!! Scott had been working online and over the phone all week, and he actually made good on every offer he made. That has never happened before!
It is a deep gray 2010 Hyundai Accent (the same type of car he crashed!). But this one is newer, less miles, power windows and locks, cruise controll and a 4 door instead of a hatchback. I love it! And it's a good thing because I will be driving it Monday-Friday starting in January. I will be student teaching!

The kids were amazing during the car buying. We were at the dealership for only a half hour (which they spent playing in the dirt) before we left to talk and have lunch. We agreed to happy meals. The toy inside kept them busy for the other hour and a half. The dealership even let us sign the paperwork in a board room so their was room for all the kids. As we left the dealership, Kyler said "Thanks for letting us go car shopping! It was the best day ever!"

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