Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Poor Laynee :(

So I was grocery shopping yesterday while the kids were in school when I got a phone call. Laynee's school. It was her teacher and she said something like "Laynee fell and hurt her head. There is blood gushing everywhere. You need to come!" Yikes!!! About 2 seconds later, I get another call from her school. It went something like this: "I am an assistant at the school. I am calling for the nurse. Her head is gushing blood. She can't talk to you because she can't take her hand away from Laynee's head. Come quick!" Double yikes!!! So I abandon my cart and we rush ourselves over to her school. He run to the nurse's office where she is laying down screaming bloody murder. She saw us come in and she stopped screaming and said "I made you a present." And then she was right back to screaming.

Off to urgent care we went. (We thought about taking her to the ER. But she never lost consciousness or had a seizure. Plus hospital copays, even when you work there, are outrageous!) The nurse was pretty certain that she needed stitches. But after a lot of examination, the doctor said stitches would not be good for her. They use stitches when it is more of a straight across the head injury. Her injury is more like a puncture wound. So he worked very carefully to put skin where it belonged and then used butterfly bandages to close it. She screamed. And it took quite a while for the bleading to stop.

Her teacher called last night. She said that Laynee was just walking and fell (there was nothing there to trip over) and landed her head on a screw in the bookshelf.

Scott says I am overly sensitive. But he thinks like a nurse and I think like a mom. Big difference. The good news is that she is gonna be just fine. The bad news is that it looks terrible! Here is what it looks like this morning...

And she goes back to the doctor tomorrow where I am certain they will make her scream again. Sigh.
And to think, her black eye JUST healed from when she fell down the stairs (onto tile) on Thanksgiving. (That was so bad, it took a while before Scott ruled out a fracture. When Scott gets worried, you know something is wrong. We were almost off to the ER that day too!)
So Laynee is off to school this morning. And can you believe it is her last day of school before winter break?! I love her but three and a half weeks seems a bit much. :)

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