Thursday, December 9, 2010

So proud of our boy......

So I know I am biased, but I think Kyler is incredibly intelligent! Today he came in 1st place in the spelling bee. I am so proud! You should have heard some of the words he had to spell: warp, prowl, tough, etc, etc. Don't those seem kinda hard for a 1st grader? I thought so, but he prooved me wrong! His teacher actually called me tonight to tell me how cute Kyler was. She said that after he won he said "I knew I would win. I studied." So he was on the phone with his granma this evening to tell her about his win. And bam- his tooth fell out. It is the first tooth he has lost! So exciting since he has been so anxious for this day! (He did give me a lesson about the difference between "tooth" and "teeth.") Looks like the tooth (not teeth) fairy is on her way to our house!

We just love the big boy that our Kyler has become!

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